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Aims and scope

Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law) is a Polish scientific journal, in publication since 1986, that is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly research in the field of maritime law, the law of the sea, and the law of the marine environment. It publishes systematically presented results of research and analysis that are of significant importance for legal theoreticians and practitioners scientifically and professionally engaged with maritime law, as well as for maritime administration and other entities related to the maritime economy in the broadest sense. The journal Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law) is also a useful source for doctoral students and undergraduates in acquiring and deepening their knowledge of the field.

The composition of the journal’s Editorial Board has been as follows:

• Janusz Gilas, Jan Hołowiński, Jan Sandorski (1986-1989)

• Janusz Gilas, Kazimierz Kruczalak, Jan Sandorski (1990)

• Janusz Gilas, Zdzisław Brodecki, Jan Sandorski (1991-1998)

• Zdzisław Brodecki, Janusz Gilas, Mirosław H. Koziński (1999-2000)

• Zdzisław Brodecki, Mirosław H. Koziński, Andrzej Makowski (2000-2001)

• Zdzisław Brodecki, Mirosław H. Koziński, Andrzej Straburzyński (2002)

• Mirosław H. Koziński, Wojciech Adamczak, Zdzisław Brodecki, Andrzej Straburzyński (2003)

• Mirosław H. Koziński, Zdzisław Brodecki, Janina Ciechanowicz-McLean, Andrzej Straburzyński (2003)

• Mirosław H. Koziński, Zdzisław Brodecki, Andrzej Straburzyński (2004)

• Mirosław H. Koziński, Leonard Lukaszuk, Andrzej Straburzyński (2005-2006)

The Editors-in-Chief have been as follows:

• Mirosław H. Koziński (2007-2015)

• Dorota Pyć (since 2016).

The history of the journal dates back to 1986, when the first volume was published – a collection of articles on maritime law based on papers that had been delivered at gatherings of the Maritime Law Commission affiliated with the Gdańsk Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1981–1984. The Maritime Law Commission had begun its activities in 1981 and today it remains one of the oldest commissions affiliated with the branch, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021; research is carried out by specialists in private and public law addressing topics relevant to the theory and practice of maritime law, including topics aimed at meeting the needs of Polish maritime legislation. The very first volume of Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law), as well as each subsequent volume, have all reflected a deeply-held conviction that maritime law constitutes a comprehensive branch of the field of law, within which further studies are needed to address such aspects as: problems of the law of the sea, civil and administrative issues of maritime transport and protection of the marine environment, problems of labor at sea, as well as criminal issues pertaining to human activity at sea.

The second volume of Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law), under the scientific editorship of Jan Lopuski and entitled “Maritime Law and the New International Economic Deal,” was published in 1988, containing articles published entirely in English. Subsequent volumes of Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law) have often carried scientific articles based on lectures and papers delivered at gatherings of the Maritime Law Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences (which in 1987 also began cooperating with the then-established Maritime Law Codification Commission).

Since the very outset, when Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law) first began to be published as the only scientific journal in Poland devoted to maritime law, it has drawn together various prominent maritime lawyers, who in its pages have shed light on all the intricacies of maritime law and the changes taking place in it. In more than thirty-five years, forty-one volumes of Prawo Morskie (Maritime Law) have been published, and the journal has found a permanent place for itself in the catalog of legal scientific literature.

Editorial Board

Rada naukowa

• kmdr dr hab. Dariusz R. Bugajski, prof. AMW, Akademia Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni, ORCID 0000-0002-9056-3602

• prof. dr hab. Janina Ciechanowicz-McLean, Katedra Prawa Gospodarczego Publicznego i Ochrony Środowiska, Uniwersytet Gdański, ORCID 0000-0001-5576-9763

• dr hab. Maria Dragun-Gertner, prof. WSB, Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa w Toruniu

• prof. Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary University of London

• prof. Alina Kaczorowska-Ireland, International & European Union Law, The University of the West Indies, Barbados

• dr Dorota Lost-Siemińska, International Maritime Organization, London

• prof. dr hab. Cezary Mik, Katedra Prawa Międzynarodowego i Europejskiego, Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie, ORCID 0000-0002-6758-1909

• prof. dr hab. Stanisław Pawlak, sędzia Międzynarodowego Trybunału Prawa Morza w Hamburgu


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ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 6 80-309 Gdańsk