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Acta Archaeologica Carpathica


Acta Archaeologica Carpathica | 2014 | No XLIX |

Editorial office


Paweł Valde-Nowak

Editorial Secretary

Anna Kraszewska

Magda Cieśla

Editorial Committee

Josef Bátora,

Falko Daim,

Philippe Della Casa,

Jan Chochorowski (Chairman),

Sylwester Czopek,

Tobias Kienlin,

Jan Machnik,

Vyacheslav Ivanovich Molodin,

Karol Pieta, Petre Roman,

Tivadar Vida

Language Editors

John Willman


Gołębia Street 11,

31-007 Cracow, Poland

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Instructions for authors

The aim of Editors of AAC is to publish papers on archaeology, history, linguistics and geology which are related to issues of prehistoric and Early Medieval settlement in the Carpathian region, and also, to trans-Carpathian contacts and to the special nature of settlement in mountainous areas. The latter consideration makes the Editors of AAC interested also in publication of papers which have as their focus other mountain regions in and outside Europe.

The AAC accepts for publication larger articles, brief reports on significant discoveries (announcements), polemics, and book reviews.

The precondition for publication in AAC is that the submitted paper 1). has not been published elsewhere; 2). has not been submitted for consideration to other editors; 3). the author’s (or authors’) home institution has given approval for publication in AAC (# 3 is valid as of January 2012).
The papers published in AAC express the views of their author (authors) and by no means were written to reflect the views of the Editors or the Publisher.

For Guidelines for Authors, see:


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