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Papers on Global Change IGBP


Papers on Global Change IGBP | 2015 | No 22

Instructions for authors


The Papers of Global Change IGBP publishes annually and is devoted to the publication of research results in related to all areas of Global Climate Change. The journal is peer-reviewed. The language of the journal is English, verified by native speaker.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts preferred for publication in Papers of Global Change IGBP are those which:

  • contain original work - which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else, and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium. This restriction does not apply to review articles
  • are focused on the core aims and scope of the journal - Papers of Global Change IGBP is a scientific journal publishing fundamental research results in all areas of climate change (geophysics, physical geography ecology, climatology, economy, human sciences etc.);
  • are clearly and correctly written - should contain all essential features of a complete scientific paper, should be written in a clear, easy to understand manner, and be readable for a wide audience of scientists;
  • are written in English - should be clearly and grammatically written, in an easily readable style. Attention to detail of the language will avoid severe misunderstandings which might lead to rejection of the paper (Please note that authors who are not native-speakers of English can be provided with help in rewriting their contribution in correct English)
  • are delivered in electronic format


Manuscripts should be emailed directly to the Editor of Papers of Global Change IGBP (Prof. Małgorzata Gutry-Korycka, e-mail:

The covering letter should contain all important details about the submission such as:

  • your full name (submitted by),
  • the full title of your article,
  • the short title,
  • full list of authors,
  • status of article: new, reviewed or accepted (with reference ID if reviewed or accepted),
  • mail address and contact address,
  • telephone/fax numbers,
  • number of attached files,
  • details of any previous or concurrent submission,
  • area you would like to submit your manuscript in,
  • recommendations of reviewers for Editor

Papers of Global Change IGBP publishes:

  • research articles,
  • communications- short reports on new and exciting results of high urgency,
  • review papers - topical mini(reviews) as well as full critical reviews on important subjects reflecting new trends are also included in this section
  • science book reviews.
  • chronicle related with international /national conference connected with global climate  change and theirs consequences.

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are sent to the appropriate reviewers by Managing Editor. However a submission may be declined by the Editor in Chief without review, if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit.


  1. choice of reviewers
  2. The Managing Editor of Papers of Global Change IGBP seek advice from experts of in the appropriate field. Research articles and reviews papers are reviewed by one reviewer.
  3. suggestions from authors
  4. Authors are requested to suggest persons competent to review their manuscript. However please note that this will be treated only as a suggestion, and the final selection of reviewers is exclusively the Editor in Chief's decision.

The Editor in Chief is fully responsible for decisions about manuscripts. The final decision whether to accept or reject a paper rests with him. The Managing Editor communicates the final de

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