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Oceanologia | 2016 | Vol. 58 | Iss. 1

Instructions for authors


Criteria for manuscripts

The Editorial Board of Oceanologia takes under consideration for publication original articles with the understanding that neither the manuscript nor any part of its essential substance, tables or figures have been published previously in print form or electronically and are not under consideration by any other publication or electronic medium. Copies of any closely related manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor along with the manuscript that is to be considered by Oceanologia. Each submission packet should include the statement signed by the first author that the work has not been published previously or submitted elsewhere for review and a copyright transfer.

The journal Oceanologia publishes original papers on fundamental aspects of marine research with the emphasis on northern European seas. Papers dealing with processes in the marine environment are preferred to purely descriptive ones; they should contribute to the understanding of the functioning of marine ecosystems, including their abiotic aspects. Please note that purely descriptive articles/ papers do not meet the aims of Oceanologia. All scripts received will be reviewed by the editors and at least two independent experts. The scripts should be written in good, scientific English: American or British. Every effort will be made to expedite publication.

Page charges

No charges will be imposed for papers up to 20 pages long including figures, tables and references (some 40 pages of typescript, double spaced, including references, tables, figures and appendicies). For longer articles please contact hte editorial office at

For papers exceeding 20 pages, an excess-page charge per printed page will be made: 50 EUR net for pages 21 et seq. The author(s) will be informed whether or not his/her/their paper has been accepted for printing and will be billed for the excess-page charge (if any).


Ethics in publishing

For information on Ethics in publishing and Ethical guidelines for journal publication see and

Conflict of interest

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