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Archives of Materials Science and Engineering | 2011 | Vol. 49 | (1) May |

Editorial office

Prof. Leszek A. Dobrzański Dr hc – Gliwice, POLAND

Deputies Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Gilmar Batahla – Sao Paulo, BRASIL
Prof. Nikolaos Gouskos – Athens, GREECE
Prof. Toshio Haga – Osaka, JAPAN
Prof. Abdel Magid Hamouda – Doha, QATAR
Prof. Mark J. Jackson – West Lafayette, USA
Prof. Thomas Neitzert – Auckland, NEW ZELAND
Prof. Jerzy Nowacki – Szczecin, POLAND
Prof. Ming-Jen Tan – Singapore, SINGAPORE

Associate Editors
Dr Mirosław Bonek – Gliwice, POLAND
Dr Małgorzata Dziekońska – Gliwice, POLAND
Dr Klaudiusz Gołombek – Gliwice, POLAND
Dr Daniel Pakula – Gliwice, POLAND

Production Editor
Ms Marzena Kraszewska, MA – Gliwice, POLAND

Reading Direct Editors
Dr Zbigniew Brytan – Gliwice, POLAND
Mr Piotr Zarychta, MSc – Gliwice, POLAND

Submission Officer
Dr Magdalena Polok-Rubiniec – Gliwice, POLAND

Computer typesetters
Dr Wojciech Borek – Gliwice, POLAND
Dr Anna Włodarczyk-Fligier – Gliwice, POLAND
Dr Bogusław Ziębowicz – Gliwice, POLAND

International Editorial Board Members
Prof. Dorel Banabic – Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA
Prof. Tadeusz Bołd – Gliwice, POLAND
Prof. Tara Chandra – Wollongong, AUSTRALIA
Prof. Antonio Cunha – Guimaraes, PORTUGAL
Prof. Jan Cwajna – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Edward D. Doyle – Swinburne, AUSTRALIA
Prof. Georgy Drapak – Khmielnitsky, UKRAINE
Prof. Jan Dutkiewicz – Cracow, POLAND
Prof. Hong Hocheng – Hsinchu, TAIWAN
Prof. Stuart Hampshire – Limerick, IRELAND
Prof. Adam Hernas – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Marek Hetmańczyk – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Werner Hufenbach – Dresden, GERMANY
Prof. David Hui – New Orleans, USA
Prof. Yong-Taek Im – Daejeon, KOREA
Prof. Leopold Jeziorski Dr hc – Częstochowa, POLAND
Prof. Jan Kazior – Cracow, POLAND
Prof. Albert Kneissel – Leoben, AUSTRIA
Prof. Ivars Knets – Riga, LATVIA
Prof. Janez Kopac Dr hc – Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Prof. Piotr Kula – Łódź, POLAND
Prof. Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski – Warsaw, POLAND
Prof. Karl Kuzman – Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Prof. Petr Louda – Liberec, CZECH REPUBLIC
Prof. Eugeniusz Łągiewka – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Adolf Maciejny Dr hc – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Bogusław Major – Cracow, POLAND
Prof. Stanisław Mitura Dr hc – Łódź, POLAND
Prof. Ryszard Nowosielski – Gliwice, POLAND
Prof. Abraham Atta Ogwu – Paisley, UK
Prof. Jerzy Pacyna – Cracow, POLAND
Prof. Fusheng Pan – Chongqing, CHINA
Prof. Lucjan Pająk – Katowice, POLAND
Prof. Jan Pilarczyk – Gliwice, POLAND
Prof. Wojciech Przetakiewicz – Warsaw, POLAND
Prof. Maria H. Robert – Campinas, BRAZIL
Prof. Mario Rosso – Turin, ITALY
Prof. Jan Sieniawski – Rzeszów, POLAND
Prof. Paul Siffert – Strassburg, FRANCE
Prof. Jorge A. Sikora – Mar del Plata, ARGENTINA
Prof. Bozo Smoljan – Rijeka, CROATIA
Prof. Jerry Sokolowski – Windsor, CANADA
Prof. Mirko Sokovic – Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Prof. Antonio Sousa – Fredericton, CANADA
Prof. Vasco Teixeira – Braga, PORTUGAL
Prof. Miklos Tisza – Miskolc, HUNGARY
Prof. Laszlo Toth – Miskolc, HUNGARY
Prof. Boris Tomov Dr hc – Rousse, BULGARIA
Prof. Jose M. Torralba Dr hc – Madrid, SPAIN
Prof. Algirdas V. Valiulis – Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Prof. Tadeusz Wierzchoń – Warsaw, POLAND
Prof. Abdalla Wifi – Cairo, EGYPT
Prof. Władysław K. Włosiński Dr hc – Warsaw, POLAND
Prof. Stefan Wojciechowski Dr hc – Warsaw, POLAND
Prof. Gwomei Wu – Taoyuan, TAIWAN
Prof. Senay Yalcin – Istanbul, TURKEY
Prof. Bekir Sam Yilbas – Dhahran, SAUDI ARABIA
Prof. Andrzej Zieliński – Gdańsk, POLAND
Prof. Paweł Zięba – Cracow, POLAND
Prof. Jozef Zrnik – Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC
Prof. Marcel Zitnansky – Bratislava, SLOVAK REPUBLIC


Archives of Materials Science and Engineering

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Instructions for authors

Paper submission
Papers are submitted by the use of on-line system after the previous registration and achieving of own login ID and password. The publisher requires the submission of papers in an electronic form thus saving time and avoiding making errors. Each submitted paper must have one introductory review worked out by a professor from the country from which at least one of authors comes from or by one of members of the international Editorial Board worked out according to the template given at the journal’s webside and sent in the way given there.
Papers may also be forwarded to the Editor via members of the Editorial Board and on the basis of the separate agreements by the chairmen of the Organising or Programme Committees of International Scientific Conferences especially sponsored by the Polish Academy of Sciences. An author should also enclose the transfer of copyright agreement sent according to requirements given at the journal webside
Materials which are not worked out according to the given rules will not be accepted.

Submission Language

Types of contributions
The Journal welcomes:
research papers,
technical papers,
short papers (only in special issues),  
conceptual papers (invited),  
literature review (invited),  
general review (invited),  
case studies (invited),  
viewpoints (invited).  

It is also proposed to maintain book reviews and reports of recent events and developments and an international diary of forthcoming events.

Author's registration fee
The Publisher may bring in the obligation of paying the authors' registration  fee which will be necessary for the publication of a paper.

Corresponding author
Clearly indicate who is willing to handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, also post publication. Ensure that telephone and fax numbers (with country and area code) are provided in addition to the email address and the complete postal address. Full postal addresses must be given to all co-authors. Please consult a recent journal paper for style if possible.

Original materials
Submission of a paper implies that the work described has not been published previously (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis) that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that is publication is approved by all authors and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English without the written consent of the Publisher. Papers which texts are at least in a part used in the other one of the same author published earlier or submitted for print cannot be published in the Journal. It is not accepted to submit materials which in any violate copyrights of third persons or law rights. An author is fully responsible ethically and legally for breaking given conditions or misleading the Editor or the Publisher.

Editor's rights
The Editor reserves the right to return papers that do not conform to the instructions for paper preparation and template as well as papers that do not fit the scope of the journal, prior to refereeing. The Editor reserves the right not to accept the paper for print in the case of a negative review made by reviewers and also in the case of not paying the required fees if such will be fixed and in the case time of waiting for the publication of the paper would extend the period fixed by the Editor as a result of too big number of papers waiting for print. The decision of the Editor in that matter is irrevocable and their aim is care about the high content-related level of that journal.

Copyright agreement

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